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Lance's broad range of professional training and skills have allowed him to evolve and grow over the years from being just a real estate agent to a multidisciplinary real estate service, composed of Progressive Real Estate Services and Progressive Home Loans. What this means to you, the client, is that Lance can broker most of your real estate needs, from buying and selling commercial or residential properties to financing your transaction loan at the best possible rates available. The benefits of this approach are threefold... less run around, less people involved, and far less stress for what should be an exciting and positive experience. For first-time buyers Lance's approach makes taking this big step so much easier and less frightening, simplifying a process that for many would seem very complicated and intimidating.

Lance didn't get to where he is overnight. It took a lot of time, discipline and personal dedication over a period of 20+ years to hone his skills and talents in the world of real estate. After graduating from high school Lance attended Control Data Institute, where he earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Computer Engineering Technology. This led to employment with Memorex Telex as a computer repair technician, where he worked for just over 6 years. In March of 1990 he left Memorex Telex and began the journey that would lead him to his current successful position as an independent business owner in the field of real estate.

The Road to Real Estate:

Lance enrolled in the Anthony School of Real Estate (now Kaplan), listed as one of the Top Ten schools for real estate training. After graduating in February 1997 he passed his licensing exam. In May of 1997 he obtained his Real Estate Sales Person license and was hired by Century 21 Ontrack Realtors, where he was employed in the duties of Residential Sales and Business Opportunities.

In April of 1998 Lance left Century 21 Ontrack and went to work for Fred Sands Distinctive Properties, where he further perfected his skills in Residential Sales and Business Opportunities. During this time Fred Sands merged with Coldwell Banker, and became known as Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties. Lance stayed through the merger and shifted gears, when he moved to the Mortgage Professionals division of Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, where he helped clients to procure financing for home purchasing or refinancing their current home. Besides working his full time job he also managed to graduate from the broker's course at the California Academy of Real Estate in May 2001, and obtained his Real Estate Broker's License in June 2001.

With a Broker's License under his belt Lance was ready to move on from Coldwell Banker and Mortgage Professionals and take that giant leap in to being an independent business owner. In August 2001 he made his move and became self-employed as Lance Court Broker, helping both residential and commercial buyers, as well as brokering mortgages for residential buyers. While getting his own new business off the ground he also became employed with Affinity Real Estate Services, who specialize in commercial brokering. Lance has maintained this professional relationship and fulfills duties locating and analyzing commercial and multi-residential investments.

In 2002 he began doing business as Progressive Real Estate Services, building up a respectable portfolio of successful real estate transactions, and in 2004 added Progressive Home Loans to his already impressively expanding business.

Lance continued to take advantage of furthering his education in the real estate field by completing and graduating from Default Schools REO Advanced Practices course in 2008. With the rapid and devastating downturn in the housing market, causing home owners to take a major loss in selling their homes, and new buyers struggling to obtain mortgages, Lance saw a need that required specialized skills in order to deal with more complex issues. The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) offered just such a course, and in February 2009 Lance graduated from and became certified by C.A.R for Distressed Properties (REO, Short Sales, etc.). In 2011 he received from Default Schools RDC-Pro Designation.

He can be reached at +18057946878 or [email protected]

Certifications: Default Schools - Best Practices, Default Schools - Advanced Evaluations, Default Schools - RDCPro, California Association of Realtors - Distressed Properties Certification, Silverlinings REO 101 Workshops, Silverlinings REO 102 Workshops, CBRS - Certified BPO REO Specialist. 

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